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In simple words, accessibility means capable of being reached, obtainable, easy to approach. In other words- Creating Barrier Free Environment. According to The Persons with Disabilities Act provisions are to be made to create a barrier free environment for all persons with disability to encourage them to be fully participating members of the society. A person with disability has an equal right to access. Access leads to Inclusion.

1) Structural accesibility
The buildings, the physical environment has to be accessible to him to make the best use of it. PWD Act intends to make provision in this regard.e.g. providing auditory signals on roads, to make the rails, aircrafts and vessels easily accessible to wheel chair users, to provide ramps in public buildings, medical care and rehabilitation centres, Braille symbols and auditory signals in elevators and lifts.

2) Web accessibility
As per Web Accessibility Initiative,web accessibility means that people with disability can use the web. They can perceive,understand,navigate and interact with the web and also can contribute.

Accessibility is a matter of right. Many disability organisations are actively taking up the cause. Accessibility audits of public places are being done by them to ensure equal participation of the person with disability in the mainstream society.

The Indian Govt.has recently launched a very accessible interactive national portal of India which provides a single window access to information & services provided by various Govt.entities. www.india.gov.in

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