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  • Reflections - Aruna Shabani

  • A Tall Pygmy - Aruna Shabani


This Resource Guide has all the information very systematically divided in to Ten Chapters.

1) Introduction  2)Orientation   3)Education   4)Vocation  5)Rehabilitation 
6)Recreation  7)Recondition  8)Contribution   9)Legislation  &   10)Inclusion.

Introduction has definitions, info about Rights of People with Disability Law 2016 etc. Orientation has basic information about various disability conditions like Intellectual Disability, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Visual, Hearing, Speech impairment etc. Education contains disability wise lists of special schools in Mumbai & other metro cities. Similarly, Vocation has lists of sheltered workshops etc.

Rehabilitation section is very important section & has information about child guidance centres, support groups, marriage bureaus, Life Care Centres & much more information. Recreation tells about organisations, individuals who are working with children & adults with special needs in the field of sports, art/drama etc.Recondition will clear many of our misconceptions about disability. Contribution explains about volunteering, crowd funding. Legislation is a very important section that tells about latest changes in our legal structure, which are the laws that govern the disability sector, schemes for the people with disability.Inclusion stresses upon participation of person with disability in the mainstream society.

In the Foreword for the Resource Guide Dr.Dharmishtha Mehta (Former Reader, Special Education Department, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Juhu) says that this Resource Guide serves as a Light-house amidst the unclear waters of ignorance, feeling of being lost, confused or unguided.

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REACH OUT - Make a Difference

In India, we do not have much literature on disability. We may find some articles /books written by parents of children with special needs or the person him/herself. "REACHOUT" Make a Difference is a simple holistic guide for families of special Adults written by RekhaBalgi is a bit different because she is a sibling & also a carer.

In any programme dealing with disability if you come across a cheerful smiling lady along with a smiling adult in his fifties, this duo is sure to be RekhaBalgi& her brother GirishBalgi who is mentally challenged. Rekha is a special educator, trained counsellor & a Yoga instructor. She is the Founder of ReachOut which was formed in 1997 that organises activities to create Inclusion & Awareness. Recently she has published this above mentioned guide which addresses issues those constantly cloud the minds of the carers of people with special needs. What After Us?

What After Us? was the driving question led Rekha towards research and to find options. The findings in this book are based on interviews, discussions & feedback from carers.

This book is very methodically divided in to Four Sections. A) An Intro B) Dealing with the Present has some important sub sections like 1.Family & Home 2. Medical Issues & Guidance 3. Insights & Guidance 4. Rehabilitation C) Pathways to Better Tomorrow deals with very important issues in adult life of a person with special needs & mentally challenged like Legal Guardianship, Financial stability, Writing a will, Health Schemes etc. D) Resources.

Do contact Rekha Balgi for your copy on or contact us on

Marathi Translation of Reach Out has been published recently.

English Books

Book on ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Taming the Tornado - A parent manual to manage the ADHD child By Mrs.Samindara Hardikar - Sawant, Illustrated by Ms.Kuntal Doshi by Disha Publication

Books on Epilepsy

Epilepsy In IndiaBy B.S. Singhal and Devika Nag This book has been published by Indian Epilepsy Association and Lenbrook Pharmaceuticals.
This book contains information on diagnosis, management, social reforms and the provisions in the legal system and other issues, in relation to epilepsy in India.
Conquering Epilepsy by Carol D'Souza Personal stories of people conquering Epilepsy: Finding the Rainbow after the storm.
'Mirgi- KuchhKahaniya' & 'MirgiKa Such'By Dr.Shailendra Jain

Journey Towards Promotion of Inclusive Education in India

This book, published by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEPP), documents a silent revolution: developments over a period of only a few months but to have a deep impact on the education and therefore on the empowerment of India's 70 million disabled people.

Books on Visual Impairment

From Darkness to Light,

By DheeraKitchlu Stories of uncommon courage of Blind Women Achievers. Published by National Association of Bild (NAB) and Committee for Achievement of the Status of Blind Women (CASBW) Note : Braille and audio versions available with NAB.

What Am Iis based on the life of Siddhi Desai. The book is written by VrindaBhargava - a college teacher in Nasik. The book is hailed Inspirational by none other than our Ex-President-PratibhaPatil. She adds that Siddhi is a very brave girl & has fought like a warrior.Siddhi may not have eyesight but has vision. President hopes that all girls & boys grow up with her kind of ambition, courage & hope.

Hearing Impairment

Beyond Those Walls of Silence

a real life experience of helping the deaf speak By LaliniRajasuriya ( Amra Publishers-Chennai). A poignant story of a mother whose consistent love,insight transformed profoundly deaf child Mahinda in to a robust & creative young man leading a normal life. The book is invaluable reading for all parents working with deaf children.

Expect the Unexpected: My Dreams and How I Got There.

Autobiography by Larry Espling, a person with cerebral palsy

Autobiography of Susan Hampshire

Account by an actress with learning disabilities

Children and Learning Difficulties

Onita Nakra

Children with Learning Difficulties - How to Help

A Guide for Parents & Teachers by Bela Raja, Published by Vakils, Rs. 295/-

Raymond's Room

by Dale Dileo

Dale calls people with disabilities as society's 'hidden citizens'.

No One's Perfect

by Hirotada Ototake, disabled author with tetra amelia, a condition where almost no arms or legs, wrote 'No One's Perfect' - an instant bestseller in Japan. He was appointed as a full time elementary teacher in Tokyo.

Reflections & A Tall Pygmy by ArunaShahani


Marathi Books


AUTISM EK BIKAT VAAT TE VAHIVAAT – is to understand, communicate and handle the child on diagnosis of Autism. The author Sunita S Lele explains in this book not only the experiences that she shared with all Autistic individuals but also writes the practical and theoretical method. Although, number of Autistic individuals is very large, this book is mainly for families and professionals working with children 8 to 9 years old of age.

This book is divided into three sections and priced at Rs. 230/-. Each section contains 4 to 5 topics explaining theoretical method and practical for self-study. This book is available for purchase at: Forum For Autism 1, Sorab House, 6 Garden Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400039 T. 022-32949595,


Andhlyache Dole

Writer - VedMehta , Translation - ShantaShelke. This is a translation of a book by Autobiography –face to Face of Ved Mehta. This is a very inspiring tale of a very determined Ved who has tremendous confidence, his intense search for knowledge & passion to live life to the fullest.

Ek Purna - Apurna by Neela Satyanarayan

Engaging travails of a high placed official who is a mother of Chaitanya - boy with Downs Syndrome. The book portrays stages from denial to acceptance. GranthaliPrakashan , Mumbai, Rs 125/-

Jhunj Niyatishi by Pratibha Hampras
Struggle of a Aurangabad based mother to raise a son with Cerebral Palsy SaketPrakashan, Rs 140/-

Phite Andharache Jale
by Bhalchandra Karmarkar Struggle of Parents with their daughter Vallary- a girl with Cerebral Palsy, her progress and challenges.Published by Mehta Publishing House Price- Rs. 120/-

Shishir Palvi

Heart rendering experiences narrated by parents of special children. Apwadatmak Mulanche Manas-shastra, Prema Kale


Braille, Audio Books
Marathi & English Cookery Books

Available in Braille by cookery expert Amar Rane, a person with disability himself. Audio cassettes are also available.

Magazines / Newsletters
Marathi & English Cookery Books
English Magazines


Quarterly newsletter by National Federation of Parent's Association (NFPA) for Person's with Mental Retardation, Autism, C.P. & Multiple Disabilities.

Sparsh Magazine

Sparsh is produced twice year by Sense International(India), 2nd floor, Admin block, opp.
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015
Phone- 91-79-26301282,

Autism Network

is published by Action For Autism.It's aim is to provide information on education,therapy,& care for people with autism.

Barrier Break Technologies

have introduced a quarterly magazine named A3-Ability, Adaptability & Accessibility. It endeavours to provide information,tips& news.
Details -

Karavalamban - NIMH newsletter.

Their objective is to reach out to professionals,parents,NGOs with information on disability.

Neworld-Voice of Paraplegics

newsletter towards an attempt to create a network & support to all SCI (Spinal Cord Injury),therapists,doctors,caregivers.ezine available. Details -

Book Reviews on ChildRaise Resource Guide “Journey to Empowerment ”: A Roadmap for Children with Special Needs by KavitaShanbhag


Foreword by Dr.Dharmishta Mehta Reader, Special Education Dept. SNDT University, Mumbai.

This resource guide "Journey to Empowerment" serves as a light house 'amidst the unclear waters of ignorance, feeling of being lost, confused or unguided. Dissemination of information regarding certain handicapping conditions in simple words is effective in enabling people to understand the condition from all perspectives.

I wish all the best to the author in her endeavors and to the parents in their "special journey".

Review by Dr.SurekhaRajadhyaksha, (MD, DCH), Consultant in Pediatrics&Pediatric Epilepsy, DeenanathMangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

We, as young newly married couples are totally unprepared to bring up a normal baby. Through errors of commissions and omissions we manage to bring up our children to the best of our abilities. The challenge really arises in bringing up a special child. It teaches you patience, tolerance, empathy and draws us towards the Almighty.

Parents run from pillar to post to seek the right advice, follow it and wonder ‘are we doing the best for our child’. There are many who offer advise, sometimes wanted and often unwarranted. One wishes to have more authentic information. “ Journey to empowerment” is a resource guide compiled by Ms KavitaShanbhag which provides the approach to the right track for help.

This is a book written from the heart of a mother, a special educator, a versatile creative mind who gives us enormous information. Some of the phrases used by Kavita are very apt. ‘Children are not disabled but differently abled’. As mentioned in the book, there are no short cuts. One has to seek advice from the right person and follow it to enable your child to be as independent as possible and try to make him a contributory member of society. The directory for education in integrated schools, special schools, slow learner schools, for children with motor disability, visual and the hearing impaired, NOS schools, vocational training centers, sheltered workshops etc may look exhaustive but such information is really essential as one should be practical and seek admission to a centre suitably situated near one’s residence. The book can be utilized by the health professionals also to guide the patient to a nearby center.

There are many aspects of legislation one is unaware of, such as monetary benefits, traveling concessions, tax benefits which one should honestly and rightfully utilize.

The book offers information which one should use to rise to the situation and find a path which will make a difference in upbringing your special child. The book is suitably complemented by the website which would be updated to provide the latest information in the field. The book is a must for all caretakers looking after the challenged child.

Must See -Films



Aamhi Asu Ladke
(Marathi Film)

Producer Director AbhiramBhadkamkar has worked with the great sensitivity to put forward the lives of mentally challenged children. He has combined the storyline of a successful mother and her unsuccessful son burdened with expectations who comes across with these challenged children and how it changes his life for the better. The shooting has taken place at ChetnaApangmatiVikasSanstha, Kolhapur.





A film by Kaushik Roy.



Available with distributors Magic Foundation ( and with director and producer SauravSarangi (
source- Indian Express



Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film revolves around a deaf, blind & mute girl(played by Rani Mukherjee to perfection ), and her relationship with her teacher(Amitabh has surpassed himself in the teacher's role) who himself later suffers from Alzeimer's. The first half of the film is an adaptation of Helen Keller's autobiography.



A short documentary film on eye donation.
Director:-Gajraj Rao, Producer: Subrat Ray.
Watch this film on &



Produced by Subhash Ghai and his company Mukta Films, Iqbal is the touching story of a deaf-mute boy (enacted by ShreyasTalpade) who dreams of making it to the Indian Cricket team. His father doesn't approve of his ambition but his mother and sister support him. And he finds unexpected help from an alcoholic coach (Naseerunddin Shah). Nagesh Kukunoor directs this simple, inspiring story supported by Girish Karnad and Shweta Prasad  



The struggle of a hearing impaired couple and their victory over life.


Yellow is a 2014 Marathi film directed by Mahesh Limaye and produced by RiteishDeshmukh and Uttung Thakur. The story explores a mother daughter relationship and developmental disability and behaviour of a child.
The directorial debut film is based on a true story of GauriGadgil, a special needs child, who also plays herself in the film. The film was released on 4 April 2014 to critical accalim. The film second film of actor RiteishDeshmukh as producer after Balak-Palak (2013). At the 61st National Film Awards, it won the Special Jury Award, while the child actors GauriGadgil and SanjanaRai received Special Mention.

  My Name is Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is both excited and nervous about My Name is Khan, which, he believes, is his biggest film till date. Khan essays the role of Rizvan Khan who has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. "In Asperger's syndrome, one half of the brain is more developed than the other," he says, "So the person ends up thinking very logically as the emotional side is not completely developed. That's the reason Rizvan has problems socialising and is afraid of crowds. In fact, people having Asperger's often find it difficult to show any emotion."

Director Karan Johar and Khan spent several months researching people with Asperger's so that the actor could get the nuances right. "I began reading a lot of books. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is one that I read several times. I watched a lot of videos and met several people with Asperger's," says Khan.

Johar spaced out the shooting so that the actor would have time to prepare himself for the scenes. "It took a lot of retakes to get everything perfect and I'm really thankful to Kajol and Karan for all their patience during the shoots," says Khan. The actor says that the movie is not a social-awareness film, "But I hope that it will bring about awareness of the problems that these people face in leading a 'normal' life," he says.

Natasha Sahgal - Indian Express


Subhash Ghai movie where Anil Kapoor plays an autistic brother to Salman Khan & Zayed Khan.

Taare Zameen Par

Produced and directed by Aamir Khan, this is a brilliantly made movie which tells us about the world of children. Ishaan Awasthi, superbly portrayed by Darsheel Safary, is a boy in III std  who loves fishes, dogs and loves to paint. But at the same time he hates studies, struggles with reading, writing, spelling and maths. He is also clumsy, reverses alphabets and has bad handwriting. He is a puzzle for the teachers and a cause of worry for the parents. Nobody understands him; he is called lazy, idiot and so on. Finally he is sent to a boarding school in Panchgani. There he meets his art teacher Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) who understands that he has Dyslexia - Learning Disability, since he also has this condition . He resurrects his lost self esteem through art in which Ishaan is very good at.
The message is every child is unique with different strengths and weaknesses, and it is upon us as parents, teachers and society at large to discover their talents and nurture them. (January '08)

  Tera Mera Saath Rahe

A sensitive film by Mahesh Manjarekar. A story of an elder brother with a younger mentally retarded brother to look after


Forest Gump 

An award winning film of a youth with cerebral palsy who makes it big.


Naache Mayuri

A life story of SudhaChandran. Her triumph over destiny with the Jaipur foot.


Naseeruddin Shah portrays a blind person.


The story of an adult who is autistic. The role is superbly portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.