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Employment is Empowerment!

Employment not only takes care of the person's basic needs but it also defines his/her self-worth. It gives the person the opportunity to participate and be a productive member of the society. The person with disability needs right amount of support to be economically independent which will lead to his empowerment.

Depending on the intellectual ability and the nature of the disability of the person, the vocation has to be chosen. If the person is having intellectual disability, once the children attain their optimum educational level in special schools, they are trained for a suitable pre-vocational activity. Training is given in office skills, coputers ,screen printing house keeping, bakery etc. and at a later stage employed either by few employers who are disabled-friendly, or in sheltered workshops or absorbed in the family enterprise.

Above all, the job seeker needs an equal opportunity, open minded and sensitive employers.

Government has been promoting employment of persons with disabilities by providing vocational training and loan on concessional rates through National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC). Employment of persons with disabilities in the Government is promoted through reservation. Section 33 of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 provides for a reservation of 3% in the vacancies in identified posts (1% each for persons with blindness or low vision, hearing impairment and locomotor disability or cerebral palsy) in the Government establishments including the Public Sector Undertakings. To promote employment of persons with disabilities in the expanding private sector, it has been decided that incentives be provided to the private sector employers.

Govt.has set up 50 Special Employment Exchanges in India. To get the detailed information log on to www.ayjnihh.nic.in/aw/awareness/employment1.html

Besides Govt. there are various disability organizations who are working to promote the cause of employment of people with disability.

Ability Foundation
Ability Foundation in Chennai works for creating equal employment opportunities. Their Employment Wing sensitizes leading corporates from every industry. They organize "EmployABILITY", the trend setting job opportunities fair which brings together qualified people with different abilities and informed corporates.For more details log on to www.abilityfoundation.org

EnAble India
EnAble India trains and counsels persons with disability and prepares them to join the mainstream workforce as confident individuals. It works towards making people with disabilities a part of every corporate hiring plan. Their goal is to enable employment for people with disabilities which will help people with disabilities fulfil their potential by being part of the workforce and enjoy successful jobs and careers. For details log on to www.enable-india.org

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