ChildRaise Newsletter Jan 2018 to Mar 2018

ChildRaise Trust is committed to Disability Issues &
Empowerment of Children & Adults with Special Needs.

Activities undertaken by ChildRaise during January to March 2018


Since 2012, ChildRaise has been taking part in Mumbai Marathon wholeheartedly.
Marathon has been our big fundraising activity over the years.
Every year new participants join in.They aspire to scale new highs in running,
supporting us and fundraising. A big "Thank You" to all of them!


For us at ChildRaise, year 2018 started on a busy note with proof checking,
rushing to our printers as the release date approached for ChildRaise Resource
Guide and our motivational calendar. On 28th January, our 3rd Revised Edition
of ChildRaise Resource Guide for Children with Special Needs 'Journey to Empowerment'
was published by Dr. Ujjwala Dalvi. The motivational messages calendar was released by
Dr. Haily Dalvi. Both spoke extremely well with great understanding of the audience with
right kind of motivation and advice. The excellent compering for the programme was done
by Amruta Veer Shanbhag. She welcomed all ,introduced the guests and briefed
the audience about ChildRaise activities.
Manas Vengasarkar rendered a melodious touch by
singing a soulful prayer to start the programme.

Many from the disability sector graced the occasion along with family & friends.
There were also stalls put up of handcrafted items by Kshitij , FPH, KIMKAN etc.
for which there was a great response. Also fantastic response to the selfie point.
But very important thing was, that this programme provided a lovely opportunity to
people from the sector to meet , interact, exchange ideas, share their activities & to have fun.
The audience loved Aditi Varma of Aditi's corner, Kimaya Of KIMKAN.
They really are role models. Ketan Kothari,a disability activist with visual impairment,
summed up the programme by applauding our efforts for organizing such a cross disability programme.

February 2018

International Epilepsy Day is a joint initiative created by the
International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).
It is a global event celebrated annually on the 2nd Monday of February,
to promote awareness on epilepsy right around the world.With IBE and ILAE representation
in more than 120 countries, this is a powerful opportunity to highlight the problems
faced by people with epilepsy, their families and carers, in every region of the world.
This year it was on 12th February. ChildRaise is one of the few organisations who is
focusing on services for people with epilepsy especially people who have epilepsy in isolation.
This year we are initiating educational & medical services for students with epilepsy in BMC schools.

Website & Social Media pages

Our website - was started in 2001.
We have completed 17 years of dedicated service.Parents, professionals students are
benefited by our cross disability website.This website is monthly updated with Editorial,
disability related events in the country, relevant articles etc.
We daily post some disability related posts on our social media pages, facebook & Twitter.
We are trying to reach & make aware as many people as possible of our service.

March 2018

Purple Day

ChildRaise has been celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness since 2010.
We were the first ones to celebrate Purple Day in India. We are the India Partners for Purple Day.
This year Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness was celebrated with great energy.
From the first week of March, several contests like stories on epilepsy,
slogans on epilepsy etc. were introduced. We were were happy when Ketaki Chitale, Meera of
'Tujha Majha Breakup' agreed to be our Chief Guest.She herself is a person
with epilepsy & calls herself as an "Epilepsy Warrior". She connected very well
with the audience. Her talk was straight from the heart & very inspirational.
This programme was organised jointly with Matunga Mitra Mandal. On the same occasion
we also celebrated Women's Day & honoured ladies above 80 years of age from Karnatak Society,
Matunga, Mumbai. Purple flowering plants were gifted to them as a symbol of Purple day.
We also presented an awareness skit. The audience loved the idea of selfie point.
Thanks to great efforts from our volunteers / well wishers who had made so beautiful slogan boards ,
selfie cutouts. This year some schools, hospitals, many friends,
well - wishers joined us in celebrating and promoting epilepsy awareness on Purple Day
All in all. it was an event to remember for all of us.