ChildRaise Newsletter April 2018 to June 2018

ChildRaise Trust is committed to Disability Issues &
Empowerment of Children & Adults with Special Needs.

April 2018

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) that shines a bright
light on autism as a growing global health issue. WAAD activities help to
increase and develop world knowledge of children and adults with autism
spectrum disorder l in the prognosis of a child with autism.
As there is no physical or visible disability, many times, autism may not
be noticed and not treated in time. Therefore, we provided autism related
information to the general public and shared it on our social media
pages for wider reach. Activities are being planned for kids with autism
which will flag off in the coming months.

May 2018

ChildRaise Summer activities

We at ChildRaise Centre conducted impromptu activity sessions for kids.
This was done mainly to gauge informally their level of reading, writing,
painting skills, perceptual/spatial awareness,sitting tolerance and so many
other things. As it was informal, without any rigid structure and free flowing,
there was lot of fun, spontaneity & creativity. We all enjoyed it as much as the kids did!

June 2018

ChildRaise Celebrates World Environment Day

We celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th with lot of enthusiasm
along with the kids as they had a field day playing with mud and water.
They were given fenugreek seeds , coriander seeds to plant in egg cartons.
We specifically used bio degradable containers and not plastic ones because this years theme was
'Beat Plastic'. For the next few days the children watered the plants and watched them grow.
And for us, the pleasure was double. Glowing kids with their growing plants!

Lifeline Express Epilepsy Clinic

ChildRaise Founder & Trustee- Kavita Shanbhag volunteered as an
Epilepsy Educator on Lifeline Express Epilepsy Clinic at Latur. Epilepsy is
a neurological disorder but there is lot of stigma attached to it. Therefore,
people do not acknowledge it and do not seek treatment or discontinue it. It is
more so in rural and remote areas. It is very important to educate & spread
awareness about epilepsy that with regular intake of anti epilepsy medicines,
this condition can be controlled. The person with epilepsy can lead a very
productive life. Life Line Express( Hospital on the Train ) reaches in
remote areas where there is no expert medical help and we were able to treat
many patients and educate them about epilepsy.