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ChildRaise celebrates Purple Day 2018

Purple Day

ChildRaise has been celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness since 2010.
We were the first ones to celebrate Purple Day in India. We are the India Partners for Purple Day.
This year Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness was celebrated with great energy.
From the first week of March, several contests like stories on epilepsy,
slogans on epilepsy etc. were introduced. We were were happy when Ketaki Chitale, Meera of
'Tujha Majha Breakup' agreed to be our Chief Guest.She herself is a person
with epilepsy & calls herself as an "Epilepsy Warrior". She connected very well
with the audience. Her talk was straight from the heart & very inspirational.
This programme was organised jointly with Matunga Mitra Mandal. On the same occasion
we also celebrated Women's Day & honoured ladies above 80 years of age from Karnatak Society,
Matunga, Mumbai. Purple flowering plants were gifted to them as a symbol of Purple day.
We also presented an awareness skit. The audience loved the idea of selfie point.
Thanks to great efforts from our volunteers / well wishers who had made so beautiful slogan boards ,
selfie cutouts. This year some schools, hospitals, many friends,
well - wishers joined us in celebrating and promoting epilepsy awareness on Purple Day
All in all. it was an event to remember for all of us.