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Reach Out - Rekha Balgi

In India, we do not have much literature on disability. We may find some articles /books written by parents of children with special needs or the person him/herself. "REACHOUT" Make a Difference is a simple holistic guide for families of special Adults written by Rekha Balgi. This guide is a bit different because she is a sibling & also a carer.

In any programme dealing with disability if you come across a cheerful smiling lady along with a smiling adult in his fifties, this duo is sure to be Rekha Balgi & her brother Girish Balgi who is mentally challenged. Rekha is a special educator, trained counsellor & a Yoga instructor. She is the Founder of ReachOut which was formed in 1997 that organises activities to create Inclusion & Awareness. Recently she has published this above mentioned guide which addresses issues those constantly cloud the minds of the carers of people with special needs. What After Us?

What After Us? was the driving question led Rekha towards research and to find options. The findings in this book are based on interviews, discussions & feedback from carers. This book is very methodically divided in to Four Sections.
A) An Intro
B) Dealing with the Present has some important sub sections like 1.Family & Home 2. Medical Issues & Guidance 3. Insights & Guidance 4. Rehabilitation
C) Pathways to Better Tomorrow deals with very important issues in adult life of a person with special needs & mentally challenged like Legal Guardianship, Financial stability, Writing a will, Health Schemes etc.
D) Resources.

Do contact Rekha Balgi for your copy on rekhabalgi@gmail.com or
contact us on childraisetrust@gmail.com