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We are Celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness on 26th March !
Do Remember to Wear Purple on March 26th & Join us!

This month ChildRaise will be celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy (Tendency to get Fits). We really go all out to celebrate this day and make it a big event because there are very few organizations who focus on epilepsy in India. The statistics say that one person in every 100 has epilepsy.Though it is so prevalent, we still have so much stigma attached to it.

We are India partners with www.purpleday.org to spread epilepsy awareness & their message - You are not alone & not to fear epilepsy. Cassidy Megan started her mission at the very tender age , now a teenager, her initiative has spread to other parts of the world.Anita Kaufmann Foundation has joined her in this mission & taken epilepsy awareness on a very intense level. Their tagline is "Purple Day EveryDay". True to their words they are wonderfully creating awareness 365 days of the year.Do log on to www.purpleday.org & www.purpledayeveryday.org

We do have regular readers who visit our website/social networking pages to find out which Day will be celebrated in the current month & they all wholeheartedly support it.This month we have approached eminent neurologists,support group & rehabilitation activists working in the field of epilepsy & requested them to share their knowledge, experiences, latest developments.

It is said that " If nothing goes right then go left." When we are dealing with disability or special needs, we realise the importance of the above line. We understand that the special needs journey is not a straight one. It has lot of ups & downs, curves & bends. Many times one has to take a D Tour to reach the desired destination. To understand the lives of people with special needs, to understand disability from close quarters ChildRaise organises a day tour named DTour to sensitise general public about disability & diversity.

We are happy to share that our recently initiated D Tour is liked by general public for its uniqueness and inclusivity. This is our latest project. We launched it a year back. Do read about it in detail in our D Tour brochure. On our FB page, you will find more info about D Tour & also the exciting snaps which will motivate you to take the same. Hope to meet you all, our www.childraise.com readers, our supporters on a D Tour.

We are also proud that we have completed eight successful years of operating 'DISHA'- Disability Information Services : Helpline & Assistance, our Toll-free No. being 1800-22-1203. We made an announcement of our telephone helpline on the International Day for the Persons with Disability(1203-Dec 3rd) in 2010 & started our operations on February 15th 2011. Past eight years have been very fulfilling for us. Many organisations, professionals have joined us as Knowledge & Area Partners broadening our knowledge & expertise.

Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) is a milestone fundraising event held every year in the month of January. This year on 20th January, along with our staunch supporters, new supporters also joined in and participated in the Full & Half Marathon & Dream Run for ChildRaise. It was an amazing experience for all of us!

Monday, February 11th is International Epilepsy Day.This is a joint initiative created by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), a global event celebrated annually on the 2nd Monday of February, to promote awareness on epilepsy right around the world. With IBE and ILAE representation in more than 120 countries, this is a powerful opportunity to highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy, their families and carers, in every region of the world.

We will be announcing an epilepsy awareness campaign through Warli Art, Doodle etc. on the occasion of International Epilepsy Day & which will continue till March 26th Purple Day for Epilepsy. Watch out for the details on our social Media pages.

Happy New Year ! Wish You All the Very Best for 2019 !

New Year means Celebrations, Fresh Beginnings & New Initiatives !

Usually we at ChildRaise are in the celebration mode from Dec 3rd itself because it happens to be the International Day for Persons with Disabilities & our Foundation Day. This year ChildRaise turned 18! www.childraise.com was launched in 2001.

Every year we strive to present some unique programme for our target group. Last year we continued with 'D Tour'- a Disability/Divyangjan & Diversity Sensitization Tour, in which we take our members to different institutions where they are doing some distinct work. Our D Tours are very much appreciated.

Last year year we released the Third Revised Edition of our Resource Guide- "Journey to Empowerment: A Roadmap for children with Special needs". This Resource Guide is like a Yellow Pages Directory of Rehabilitation Services. The first two editions were very much in demand & welcomed by the disability sector. We are receiving much more positive response & demand from for the disability sector. But this type of work is never complete. Now, we have already started working on compiling emails of the organisations besides some very interesting projects in the pipe line.

New Year means New Resolutions, New plans, New Goals & the list goes on...This year we are chalking out short term & Long Term Goals , weekly, monthly goals how we make for every student in his Individual Education Plan(IEP). And we will adhere to them.

Wishing you more discipline, more will power to stick to your goals & to turn them in to reality. May this year brings you fulfillment, peace & happiness!