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Kavita Shanbhag

In India from August -September festivities start in a row till the year end. October month started on a very happening note for us. We celebrated Cerebral Palsy Day,

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Every month, we compile events all over India to update our parents, professionals & teachers in the Special Education field. Check October Events.

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  • Sumukh Dadrawala
    3rd October is celebrated as National Cerebral Palsy Day. On this occasion sharing a blog post on Sumukh Dadrawala. Read to get inspired.
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  • Meet Ketaki Chitale, an Epilepsy Warrior. She is Meera of Tujha Majha Breakup (Marathi Daily serial). She says "I am an Epilepsy Warrior and through this channel, I am trying to spread Epilepsy Awareness and remove the stigma that surrounds epilepsy in general."

    Know what is Purple Day For Epilepsy

    Inspirational Stories about People with Epilepsy. Read more
  • Some situations are life altering. The diagnosis of one's child having special needs is one such situation. Dr. Manoj Bhatawdekar, Psychiatrist describes the parental emotional state in a nutshell. He calls it as GADBAD.
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  • Travel
    What is D Tour ?

    ‘D Tour’ is a Day Tour to sensitize general public about Disability.
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  • We are very happy to share that ChildRaise Resource Guide for Children with Special Needs 'Journey to Empowerment' has been published. This is our 3rd Revised Edition.
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  • "REACHOUT" Make a Difference is a simple holistic guide for families of special Adults written by Rekha Balgi. This Guide is a bit different because she is a sibling & also a carer.
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