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Kavita Shanbhag
February, 2017

It's Not a Straight Road... Take a D Tour!

We are very happy that our new project
"D Tour" is ready to take off.

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Proud Participants of ChildRaise "Ïnsight into Learning Disability" Workshop.


ChildRaise Online Ganesha Art Event Entries
Appreciate the drawings/paintings made by children with special needs as offering to Ganesha!
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  • Children who drool are often misunderstood as mentally retarded. People tend to avoid interacting with them.
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  • Learning through the arts is a smart and fun way which enhances brain development, supports individual learning.
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  • It’s a smart strategy to allow kids to explore gadgets in an effort to train them for a future in the electronic age.
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  • "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." » Scott Hamilton Disabilities. You can see some and some you just cannot.
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