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Proud Participants of ChildRaise "Ïnsight into Learning Disability" Workshop.


ChildRaise Online Ganesha Art Event Entries Appreciate the drawings/paintings made by children with special needs as offering to Ganesha!
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  • Kalpesh...ChildRaise Office Assistant, our "Man Friday". He proves that it is Purple Day every day.
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  • Pull the Child out of Drool! Pradnya Patil, Senior Speech Therapist - Mumbai, explains you how. Know the Causes & Management.
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  • Arts….not only it's fun but a good way to learn!! Zill Botadkar (Arts Based Therapist) , Mumbai, tells you Learning through the arts is a smart and fun way which enhances brain development & supports individual learning.
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  • Growing Up With Gadgets ! Ashita Kaul Special Educator, Mumbai, weighs Pros & Cons and shares some tips for parents on how to strike a balance.
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