ChildRaise Newsletter July 2018 to September 2018

ChildRaise Trust is committed to Disability Issues &
Empowerment of Children & Adults with Special Needs.

July 2018

Animal Assisted Activity / Pet Therapy

When Divya Andar a psychologist and also a trained Pet therapist approached us for sessions on Animal Assisted Activities or Pet Therapy as it is commonly known, we were not sure of its benefits. But always wanting to try something new, we extended our support for a sessionwhich was going to be held for students of Mann Centre for Developmentally Challenged.We were in for a big surprise.The initially hesitant, fearful or passive reactions were wiped away by "Nugget" Divya's adorable pet therapy dog. He brought about noticeable changes in thebehaviour and preconceived notions about animals in most of the students.

What is Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) This form of therapy uses planned inclusion of an animal in a person's treatment plan.

Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) make use of animals in recreational and visitation programs to help people with special needs.AAT/AAA are based on an age-old concept. Pets are friendly, non-threatening. Pets’ non-judgmental affection-on-demand can bring a sense of serenity and self-confidence. It also reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates social interaction and conversation, provides opportunities for nurturing, exercise and play. They amuse, entertain us, make us feel needed, and ask for little in return.

We would certainly like to extend our support for these AAA in future as well.

August 2018

Inauguration of ChildRaise Blossom Sports Centre

Came July and we were busy contacting parents with kids with special needs to enroll in our Sports centre. ChildRaise Blossom Sports centre was inaugurated by Smt. Muktabai Chandaver ( Mother of Kavita Shanbhag, ChildRaise Managing Trustee ) & Sohesh Shah of Investrite on August 3rd 2018. ChildRaise has initiated this activity in collaboration with Blossom Disability Foundation.We had a small inauguration ceremony where students of Aawhan Palak Sangh(a sheltered workshop for Mentally Challenged adults) sang a prayer. Kavita Shanbhag, ChildRaise Managing Trustee spoke about the need and importance of such sports centres. Sohesh Shah spoke very encouragingly about this initiative.There were demonstrations of the sports activities which will be carried out during every session. There was a huge response from the students and also from the onlookers i.e. parents, friends and general public.

It was a very special occasion for both ChildRaise & Blossom. There is no sports centre for kids with special needs in the south side of Mumbai and once again ChildRaise Trust was trying to fill in the gap where there is no such service.

Sports activities are a great way to train kids in team activities. Not only team games but kids can learn turn taking, concentration,sitting tolerance, motor co ordination and many more things in a supportive environment. And if they excel at these sports, they can participate and will be encouraged in Special Olympics.

On Friday, 3rd August 2018, ChildRaise Blossom Sports Centre started operating. It will have sports activities like skating, basketball, cycling. team games, physical exercises etc. Timings are 5 pm to 7 pm. Every Monday & Friday.We both, ChildRaise Trust & Blossom Disability Foundation believe what Henry Ford has said, " Coming Together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

September 2018

Online Ganesha Painting Event

We are moving in the digital world now. So to keep up with the times, we announced an Online Ganesha Painting Event during Ganpati Festival. We shared details of this event via email, sms and on Whatsapp & we did receive good response.We had not restricted this event to any one art form. We are happy that a student even sent an audio/video clip of his playing Ganesha Aarti on casio.

While we were doing this, we couldn't help but remember Prasad Ghadi. He was an 'Artist with a Difference". He was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.Struggling with it for 21 years he finally succumbed to it in 2009. Through creative medium of music & paint , he transcended the barriers of pain to communicate the triumph of will.

Ganpati was his favourite God. He used to call him "Sakha" (friend) and drew beautiful paintings of his dear friend. ChildRaise printed ten of his paintings in to greeting cards in 2003 for posterity and to inspire others.

Visit to Arpan Cafe

Yash Charitable Trust (YCT) was established in 2014 with the mission to enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Their Mission is to assist persons with developmental disabilities who can successfully transition into adulthood, become responsible, productive members of the communities that they live in and have a wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling adult life. Arpan Cafe is very unique. This cafe was conceptualized under the aegis of Yash Charitable Trust (YCT) for the sole purpose of providing their beneficiaries ( adults with developmental disabilities), dignity and an enhanced quality of life through an opportunity to work, earn, and learn. Arpan Cafe has simple & fresh menu choices, created & served with a special touch by the differently-abled.

We had tasted their delicious lunch during our "D Tour" where we take our tour members to different disability organisationswho are doing things differently. We were eagerly waiting for Arpan cafe to open. Our Trustee Kavita Shanbhag visited Arpan Cafe to have this a one-of-a-kind experience!