About us

Way back in 2001, getting information about disability, rehabilitation services was pretty hard. Though some organisations had their internet presence, they operated in isolation. There was no information about various disabilities or services under one roof. If a parent had a child with multiple disabilities, they had to run from pillar to post.

That is when we thought of stepping in and launched www.childraise.com , our first initiative. It is an information portal which is used as an intervention tool.

Later, we set up a Trust to broaden our activities.

ChildRaise Trust is committed to Disability Issues & Empowerment of Children & Adults with Special Needs. We work hand in hand with children, adults with special needs, their caregivers, professionals in the field, donors & volunteers.

Our Focus Areas

We have a unique acronym to explain our key areas of work, goals and objectives.

The word 'Raise' not only means moving from one level of understanding, strength to a higher one, RAISE also means:

: Rehabilitation

: Awareness & Advocacy

   : Information

  : Support and

: Education to maximum population having special needs.

Method of Operation

To achieve our goals , we have developed CRIS- ChildRaise Information Services. CRIS provides Multi-Modal support :-

  • Internet service - Our cross-disability web-portal www.childraise.com was launched in 2001 on the occasion of International Day for People with Disabilities(IDPwD). This website provides basic information about various disabilities, special services like special schools, sheltered workshops, support groups and current disability related events. It is updated every month.

    On the occasion of GAAD- Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 9th May 2013, we launched an Accessible version on of our website for the benefit of our users who are visually impaired, learning disabled or senior citizens.

    We started our operations with our internet based service i.e.www.childraise.com. This comprehensive web-portal materialised only because of the seed funding and continued financial support from Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Kishore Avarsekar & Executive Director Mrs. Pushpatai Kishore Avarsekar ofUnity Infra-projects Ltd.

  • Print support - ChildRaise published a Resource Guide-Journey to Empowerment : a road map for special needs children in 2004 which was reprinted in 2010 & Revised edition was printed in 2011.

  • Telephone Helpline -"DISHA" - Disability Helpline & Action was launched on Dec 3rd on International Day for People with Disabilities (IDPwD) 2010 as Unity Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Foundation's Initiative. We received their valuable financial support from Nov 2010 to March 2013 which put us on the right track.

    Presently seeking sustainability support for this venture, we are continuing with our toll free service through our self sustainability means. Our funding concerns are compensated by the feedback and satisfaction of the callers who dial for any disability related information and we are continuing with our Disability Helpline service on our mobile no. 8898785000.

  • Walk-in Support - In our ChildRaise Resource Center, we provide remedial education, guidance, counseling, library facility and Art Therapy.These various programmes are undertaken with the support received from our valued donors.

We are trying our level best to bridge the service gaps for beneficiaries.

We believe in

  • Cross Disability Network
  • Being Information Centric & not Institution Centric
  • Information / Knowledge Sharing
  • Being Facilitators
  • Collaboration with other Disability Organisations

  • Kavita Shanbhag
  • Devaraya Shanbhag
  • Smita Chandaver
  • Preeti Shanbhag Dalvi
  • Shloka Chandavar
ChildRaise is a Registered Public Trust

Registration. No. E- 23559 (Mumbai) dated 27-07-2006

Under Section 12A(a) Income Tax Act, 1961 bearing no.TR/40935

Income Tax Exemption Available