Kavita Shanbhag

Our Founder & Managing Trustee - Mrs. Kavita Shanbhag

Kavita Shanbhag is a Psychology Graduate from Mumbai University (1981) & did her B.ED in Special Education from S.N.D.T Women's University, Mumbai (1995). She has completed M.S. in counseling from I.P.M.S. She is a recipient of a Fellowship from PUKAR & is a certified Arts Based Therapist from WCCL Foundation. She has been actively involved in rehabilitating children with disabilities and adults since 1993.

An employee of Reserve Bank of India, a trained classical singer, an accomplished actress, Kavita was busy donning many hats. While attaining motherhood, she developed seizure disorder commonly known as epilepsy or tendency to have fits which continued in the later years though very sporadically.

And her Journey began.......
Kavita joined 'Samman' Epilepsy Support Group of Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA), Mumbai Chapter in 1992 to know more about the condition & why there is stigma attached to it. She tirelessly spread their message of 'God helps those who help themselves.' In the following years, she presented several papers on various issues on epilepsy & represented Samman in India and abroad.She was the Vice-President of IEA, Mumbai Chapter and twice has been appointed as Maharashtra representative member in the IEA Governing Council. She volunteers for epilepsy clinics on the Life Line Express(Hospital on the Train).

While working with people with epilepsy, Kavita also realised the predicament of parents with children with multiple disabilities and paucity of information for them. She realised that "Ïnformation is Power & It can change lives". Thus, to empower them, tirelessly Kavita compiled information on special education facilities, rehabilitation services, support systems in the form of a website www.childraise.com which was launched in 2001. Later in 2004, a resource guide - Journey to empowerment a roadmap for special needs children was published to disseminate information to parents & professionals. Revised editions of resource Guide:Journey to Empowerment were published in 2010 & 2018.

For over two decades, she served Reserve Bank of India. In 1994, she did her B.Ed in special Education to equip herself better. In 2007 she took a bold step, and quit her job at RBI. Now, she devotes her time to being the Founder & Managing Trustee of the ChildRaise Trust which was established in 2006. Being a creative head of "www.childraise.com", a website committed to disability issues & empowerment of children & adults with special needs, she is constantly striving hard to make the website a very comprehensive cross disability website.To complement the internet version,revised editions of the resource guide Journey to Empowerment were reprinted in 2010 & 2018. Right now, with Kavita at the helm,ChildRaise Trust offers various services such as, website, print resources, ChildRaise Resource Center, DISHA - DisAbility Information Services:Helpline & Assistance - Toll Free no:1800 22 1203.

In 2012, www.childraise.com received eNGO Challenge Award from Digital Empowerment Foundation in their Communication & Outreach Category for their contribution.

Kavita's travelogue includes experiences of a person with epilepsy, facilitator of support groups, a concerned parent of children being 'At Risk', special educator/ remedial therapist and a rehabilitation activist. Like a honey bee she collects information regarding Disability & makes it available, accessible to people in need.

ChildRaise intends to provide the  
Rehabilitation, Awareness, Information, Support and Education

required to bring up a child with special need so that optimum care is taken in helping them to become independent to the maximum possible extent and to be in the mainstream of society.

Devaraya Shanbhag

Devaraya has been like a rock in all endeavours taken up by his wife, Kavita Shanbhag. He was the one who suggested the name ChildRaise. His silent yet unstinting support & encouragement has been instrumental in ChildRaise being where it is today. Devaraya worked with Bank Of India for more than two decades. Besides his bank job, he started Lily Caterers which is a very successful enterprise.He is an avid traveller with varied interests.Being a banker & an enterpreneur Devaraya utilises his experiences very constructively for ChildRaise Trust. He guides and looks after Trust's financial well being. His astute sense of finance & organisational skills are very beneficial to the Trust's development.

Smita Chandaver

Smita holds a responsible post in State Bank of India. She is known for her client relations which over the years she has nurtured. Her banking experience, writing & singing abilities, her deep interests in creative field offer a rich perspective to ChildRaise Trust. Her pleasing and warm personality adds a personal touch to the activities taken up by the Trust. With her altruistic & passionate nature, she lays emphasis on helping maximum number of beneficiaries.

Preeti Shanbhag Dalvi

Preeti has grown up seeing her mother Kavita Shanbhag being immersed in the rehabilitation work. Being a Veterinary Doctor, she brings an interesting aspect of Animal world to the fold. Animal assisted therapy is given a shot at our resource centre whenever needed. She is a passionate baker & launched 'Sweet Heaven' as a bakery venture. With her initiative, ChildRaise has started ''Çupcake Project" for every Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness which is a great success. Her computer skills are extremely helpful for Trust's documentation. Being young & energetic, she brings in a lot of fresh ideas.

Shloka Chandavar

Shloka is a physicist with a doctorate degree. Shloka helps to spread the word about ChildRaise overseas. Her heart melts for the underprivileged & needy. Her young, enthusiastic & encouraging approach helps Trust to work with continued zest and carry on the activities. Her listening skills, magnanimous heart are the key assets to the Trust. They transport the activities beyond the boundaries.

Remedial Teacher

Amruta Veer-Shanbhag
M. Sc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education

Our Creative Team

  • Kavita Shanbhag
  • Pranav Deobhakta
  • Preeti Shanbhag Dalvi
  • Amruta Veer Shanbhag
  • Vinod Teli