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Financial Planning : The Need

Parents of a disabled child are concerned about being able to provide life-long security and dignity to their child. In most cases, they are faced with two basic facts: one, their child is may not be able to undertake a salary or wage earning activity, or manage investments and properly utilize the income and second, funds are required for the rehabilitation and life long caring services.
So, parents need to know the options available to them for securing a better and safer future for their child so that they can evolve strategies according to his needs.
This is all the more important for middle-class parents, as total funding by the State or Central Governments does not seem possible for families of Middle Income Group (MIG).
Thus, financial planning is essential for securing the future of a disabled child.

Help Available

The National Trust has published, in public interest, a booklet named "For a Secure Tomorrow" written by Damodar Tilak, to help families in the middle income group (in particular) to adopt the small savings route to provide for the future financial needs of their disabled wards.
Following issues are covered in this booklet :

  • Introductory Information
  • Accumulation of Savings
  • Management of Savings Part I / Part II
  • Tax Benefits
  • Utilization of Provision : Appendix I
  • Drafts of Deed of Trust and Gift Deed : Appendix II
  • Format of a Typical Gift Deed : Appendix III