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Government has initiated various schemes, welfare measures concessions and facilities to facilitate rehabilitation of persons with disability. A person having a minimum 40% disability will be eligible for any type of concession and facility made available by the State or Central Govt. The person has to be certified by the medical Board appointed by the State/Central Govt. If there are no chances of variation in the degree of disability, permanent disability certificate is issued. In other cases, the Medical Board states the validity period in the disability certificate.

A 'Disability Certificate' is a very necessary document which makes the person entitled for the following provisions.
In Mumbai Disability certificate can be obtained from the following places-

For Physically Handicapped-
All India Institute for medical Rehabilitation, Haji Ali,Mumbai-400034.

For Hearing Impaired-
Ali Yavar Jung Institute for hearing impaired, K.C Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W),Mumbai-400050.

For Visually Impaired and mentally Challenged -
Sir J.J. Hospital-Byculla,Mumbai-400008.

For more Information-
Special Dist. Social Welfare Office,
Mumbai-Suburban 4thFloor, Administrative bldg, R.C.Marg, Chembur,
Mumbai- 400071.

For more info - www.disabilityaffairs.gov.in

Concession In Transport -

Govt.of India, Ministry Of Railways provides concession on train fare as under-
For Visually challenged-75% with or without escort
For mentally Challenged-75% with escort
For Physically challenged-75% with escort
For Hearing Impaired-50% without escort

  • Air Travel- People having 80% or more disability are given 50%concession in domestic flights.
  • The Central Govt. employees (blind, physically handicapped) are entitled for conveyance allowance. They also get an educational allowance for their child with disability.
  • Income Tax Benefit-A person with disability or a parent of a child with disability can avail of income tax exemption up to Rs. 40,000/-
  • The Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment provides subsidized aids and appliances.
  • The Ministry of petroleum and natural gas reserves 7.5% of all type of dealership agencies of the orthopaedically handicapped and blind persons.
  • Scholarships
  • Awards
  • Employment

For more information and to download forms log on to

Rehabilitation Council Of India-

Handbook on Concession and Facilities for Disabled people in India
Compiled by Dr. Sruti Mohapatra
Secretary, Swabhiman-a disability and resource centre
A-99, Budha Nagar, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.-751006.
Ph- 0674-2312972.
Email - mail@swabhiman.org
Website- www.swabhiman.org


National Trust Schemes

1) Sahyogi -
National Trust has launched a new & revamped scheme of Caregivers training & deployment called Sahyogi. Fund is sanctioned to selected NGOs to set up Care Giver Cell & initiate process of enrolment & registration. If you want to become a caregiver for PWD or if you are a PWD requiring a care giver
Call Sahyogi - 011-45660266 or 09717170266.

2) Gharounda -
Group Home And Rehabilitation Activities Under National Trust for Disabled Adults. It is a scheme of life long shelter & care for persons with disability covered under National Trust.For More details log on to - www.thenationaltrust.in
GyanPrabha-Scholarship scheme for doing ,post schooling,any employment oriented course.A monthly scholarship of Rs.700 shall be paid up to 1 year.

3) Niramaya Health Insurance - was launched on 26th March 08.

In order to enable and empower persons with disability to live as independently and as fully as possible, health services and their access to persons with disabilities assume a very significant role. In this context, the health insurance facility becomes important but presently such products are not easily available for persons with disabilities. In such a situation, a health insurance scheme "Niramaya" is conceived with the following objectives

  • To provide affordable Health Insurance to persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities
  • To encourage health services seeking behaviour among persons with disability
  • To improve the general health condition & quality of life of persons with disability

The scheme envisages to deliver 'Community based' cover which will

  • Have a single premium across age band
  • Provide same coverage irrespective of the type of disability
  • Insurance cover upto 1.0 lakh Rs. and
  • All persons with disabilities will be eligible and included and there will be no 'selection' The scheme further envisages that there shall be
  • No exclusion of Pre-existing condition
  • Same cover as that for other persons
  • Services ranging from regular Medical Chekup to Hospitalization, Therapy to Corrective Surgery, Transportation
  • Conditions requiring repetitive medical intervention as an in-patient
  • Pre & Post hospitalization expenses, subject to limits
  • No pre-insurance medical tests
  • Cashless settlements only
  • Smart / Biometric cards with not only health data but also provision for other (Micro) financial data The details of services with financial limits are as given in Annexure - 'A'. In the first phase, the scheme will be available in the selected districts as given in Annexure - 'B'.

The National Trust will maintain the details of each beneficiary covered under the scheme. This will be a part of their identification and enrolment under the scheme.

Under the scheme, health services will be provided by a network of hospitals, nursing homes which will be duly empanelled for the scheme. Such service provider shall be of good quality fulfilling relevant requirements of the scheme and in case of networked hospitals, should comply with the minimum criteria as under:

  • Should have at least 20 in-patient medical beds in urban centers and 5 in rural centers.
  • Fully equipped and engaged in providing Medical and Surgical facilities along with Diagnostic facilities i.e. Pathological test and X-ray, E.C.G. etc for the care and treatment of injured or sick persons as in-patient.
  • Fully equipped Operation Theatre of its own wherever surgical operations are carried out
  • Fully qualified nursing staff under its employment round the clock.
  • Fully qualified doctor(s) should be physically in charge round the clock.
  • Maintaining complete record as required on day to day basis and be able to provide necessary records of the insured patient to the Insurer or his representative as and when required.
  • Using ICD and OPQS codes for Drugs, Diagnosis, Surgical procedures etc.
  • Having sufficient experience in the specific identified field.

The premium shall be decided by inviting tender from the eligible insurance companies.

The premium amount for BPL category of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities will be shared by the State Govt. and Central Govt. / the National Trust. Other categories of persons may join the scheme on payment of suitable premium amount.

In case of total claims exceeding the total premium amount, the Insurance Company will cover the risk up to 120% of the total premium amount i.e. the insurance company can have a stop loss at 120% of total premium amount. Similarly in case of claims falling short of total premium amount, the Insurance Company shall pay back 90% of the savings, after deducting 20% as administrative cost.

The entire scheme shall be implemented & monitored by the National Trust through a Third Party Nodal Agency (TPNA) with the active participation of the Local Level Committees (LLC). The Third Party Nodal Agency shall liaise with the Insurance Company, empanelled health service providers, LLCs, SNAP/SNAC of the National Trust, State Govt. and all the stakeholders concerned for awareness generation as well as for underwriting the risks and for the speedy settlement of claims.

In the first phase, it is expected to cover 1 lakh BPL beneficiaries for health insurance uptoRs. 1 lakh at a premium of Rs. 99/- per annum per beneficiary. The total cost of the Scheme will be as below


Premium Amount @ 99/- for 1 lakh BPL beneficiaries

Rs. 99 lakh


Service Charges for Third Party Administration @ 10%

Rs. 10 lakh


Miscellaneous (Awareness, Publicity, Contingency etc.)

Rs. 16 lakh



Rs. 125 lakh





  List of Benefits (including pre-existing conditions) Limits (Rs.)
1 Cashless Hospitalization (over all limit including the following sub-limits) 100000

Domiciliary Hospitalization including Nursing charges (not exceeding 4 days per incidence)


Corrective Surgeries for existing disability including congenital disability.


Surgery  to prevent further aggravation of disability


Post operative care including Therapies for 6 months


Regular Medical checkup for non-ailing Disabled (disability oriented preventive purposes)

7 Pathology, Radiology, Advance tests for Diagnosis of illness and monitoring disability 10000
8 Ongoing Therapies to reduce impact of disability and disability related complications 7500
9 Transport charges for seeking medical services including ambulance services 1500
10 Dental : Preventive Dentistry 7500
11 Transport charges for seeking medical services 1500
12 Alternative Medicine 2000