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Some Sunny Tips 4 Summers Vacation!

Hurray!! Exams are over ..Schools have closed down for the academic year...Parents have heaved a sigh of relief. Though they are happy that they don't have to rush their children through hurried bath, quick breakfast, screeches & screams over getting ready for school, now their main concern is 'how to keep the children busy?'

The scene is not different for the children with special needs. Maybe the concern is far greater with these kids because they do face more difficulties than the regular kids. For one, the opportunities are limited. The hobby classes, summer camps, theatre workshops mushroom across the city during summer time but to find the same for our special children, the search reaches nowhere.

Be Creative!

Don't Despair. Many special schools organize summer camps for their students. Enquire with the child's school & enroll him/her for the same. If the school is not involved, you can utilize this period to your advantage. Depending on their needs & capacities, one has to think of the innovative ideas. Utilise this time for family bonding.

How ?

There are many activities taught in school during the year which need practice.

In Academics-Reading, Writing & Math
Lot of activity based books are available in the market which focus on reading & writing. Children enjoy doing worksheets rather than writing in their usual notebook. Sit with your child, take a chart paper & involve them in making their own time table. While doing this, you can teach them time concept by making it date & time wise. Make it colourful with sketch-pens, markers, stickers. Introduce point system to stick to it. At the end of summer, reward them accordingly. If you feel, weekly rewards can be given.

Link reading, writing with daily life
Teach all these activities through our daily life situations & make them understand the relation between these so called academic activities & routine life. Involve them in finding out what is needed for the household. Let them make a grocer's list. & When you get the items, let them fill it in the jars or respective places. Thus you will make them aware of their surroundings. Whenever you take them to a mall/grocery shop, give the bill to check them. Teach them budgeting. It will give them a glimpse of what it takes to run a household.

Let them make their own newspaper
They will learn to put their ideas on paper. Let them review their favourite T.V. show. They can report about a puppy found down the road. If they find it very difficult, be a volunteer/scribe for such an activity. Thus, we can teach them new words, to use dictionary/thesaurus. Teach them to use a camera & be a photographer. Nowadays with a use of digicam, it is not an expensive hobby.

On a lazy afternoon make a Family Tree
They can be explained family relationships. While doing all such activities, don't be very exacting. The fun element should remain intact. Otherwise the kids are first to smell the plot. If you feel they are bored, give them the option to write on computer.

Here is a list of Activities

In the Mornings -
- Take them for a run. Walk down the beach. Collect shells. Later use them in child's handicraft. Decorate pots, cans with them. Create wonderful photoframes with them.

Cycle down the road-Go to the nearest bakery & get fresh bread.

Involve them in making breakfast. Kids like to prepare sandwiches. Teach them simple things like preparing Maggie Noodles, Egg boil, Sunny side up. They will enjoy the process.

In the Afternoons-
- Toss some handicraft material in front of them & let them come up with creative items.

Take them to Hobby Ideas- Pidilite has come up with a fantastic retail store which provides great craft & hobby ideas .For such activities log on to www.hobbyideas.net

In the Evenings-
Enroll them in a skating class. Ask for a special trainer. This is very good for body balance, co-ordination & much more.

Swimming is also a very good exercise for them. In the hot summer, they will love the inviting cool water.

Also let us know what you have tried this summer. Do write to us with exiting ideas with your details. Sharing brings much more happiness!!