November..just a month away from a new start, beginning of a new year!

In some parts of the world November is the month of the Autumn season or fall. This year I have the opportunity to witness this breathtaking Autumn or fall. While witnessing this mindblowing scenery, I realised that however beautiful, colourful are the leaves, the trees do not cling to the old ones & make way for the new fresh, lush green foliage. Such a wonderful message ..is'nt it?

Another lovely opportunity came my way during my travel this time. When I visited Nova Scotia, I met Cassidy Megan , Founder of Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness which is now a Global Movement.(check www.purpleday.org). Now, Cassidy is a youth icon, but when she started this Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness, she was just a kid of eight years.

This is more relevant in this month, because in November, we in India, celebrate Children's Day on November 14th (the date that marks the birth anniversary of independent India's first Prime Minister–Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his love for children), while universally it is celebrated on 20th November. Let us all celebrate every child's creativity, their inquisitive mind, imagination, innovation , their vision. Children are our future. When they are like Cassidy, Malala, we are filled with hope. I especially like the quote by Malala which says "One child, one teacher, one pen & one book can change the world."

The change envisioned by Cassidy when she started Purple Day for Epilepsy is that no one should be isolated, rejected due to Epilepsy ( tendency to have fits/seizures). Incidentally, this month, we will also be celebrating National Epilepsy Day on November 17th in India. My journey in the special education & disability field started with my having epilepsy (tendency to have fits) episodes post childbirth.My more than two decades of experience of working as a special educator, counselor with various organisations working for epilepsy, have taught me that impact of epilepsy is adverse in childhood & it clouds every aspect of life thereafter. I have witnessed many cases of children with epilepsy going haywire due to lack of resources, guidance & counselling. That is the reason, we at ChildRaise are now focusing on delivering information through this website www.childraise.com & our disability helpline DISHA Toll free no : 1800-22-1203.

This month all our efforts will be more geared to increase Epilepsy Awareness & provide rehabilitation resources that are available for people with epilepsy especially to provide educational , psycho-social guidance to children with epilepsy & their parents. Let us all join hands together to bring "Epilepsy Out Of The Shadows!" & let every child with epilepsy experience his/her full potential this Children's Day!