We celebrated Mothers Day by having a picnic for them along with their child with special needs on the farm in Lonavala.

We had lot of fun but on a serious note, we could not stop thinking about the testing times for Parents with Special children. As soon as they’re born, subconsciously, each and every parent with a Special Child (Esp. mentally challenged or with autism who is not fully independent) thinks about the life of their kid after them.

Though Life Care Centres / Residential, Institutional care is an option very few parents will opt for the same. In India, institutionalizing your child is not thought of so easily still. Most of the time, this issue is not at all dealt with, unless one is forced for various reasons. The reasons may be manifold. It may involve health, physical well being of both parent & the adolescent/adult person with special needs.Then there may be financial, emotional reasons, so on and so forth. In some cases, after the parents demise, a sibling has to take over. In this July updation, do read about Rekha Balgi - a sister & a mother to her elder brother Girish who is mentally Challenged. We also discuss the issue of Guardianship.

Presently, we at ChildRaise are busy updating our data base for our every section. Many of the calls that we receive on our DISHA- Disability Helpline & Action on our Toll Free no- 1800-22-1203 enquire for life care centres. So we have prepared an updated list. While doing so, we could not help noticing that when we launched www.childraise.com in 2001, our list of Life Care Centres (Residential / Institutional Care) had only 8-10 institutions for Mentally challenged & now it has gone up to 25-30.

We have made some qualitative changes in our website. Trying to group together articles, data so you can retrieve them better. Do give us feedback.