We are Celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness on 26th March! Do Remember to Wear Purple on March 26th & Join us!

This month ChildRaise will be celebrating Purple Day for Epilepsy (Tendency to get Fits). We really go all out to celebrate this day and make it a big event because there are very few organizations who focus on epilepsy in India. The statistics say that one person in every 100 has epilepsy. Though it is so prevalent, we still have so much stigma attached to it.

We are India partners with www.purpleday.org to spread epilepsy awareness & their message - You are not alone & not to fear epilepsy. Cassidy Megan started her mission at the very tender age , now a teenager, her initiative has spread to other parts of the world.Anita Kaufmann Foundation has joined her in this mission & taken epilepsy awareness on a very intense level. Their tagline is "Purple Day EveryDay". True to their words they are wonderfully creating awareness 365 days of the year.Do log on to www.purpledayeveryday.org

We do have regular readers who visit our website/social networking pages to find out which Day will be celebrated in the current month & they all wholeheartedly support it.This month we have approached eminent neurologists,support group & rehabilitation activists working in the field of epilepsy & requested them to share their knowledge, experiences, latest developments.