ChildRaise Activities 2023

50 Million Steps Against Stigma the Campaign for Epilepsy Awareness started from Jan 9th & concluded on Feb 13th International Day for Epilepsy. The participants had to walk, jog & report their walking Steps to us.More than 50 walking enthusiasts, joggers participated in this ChildRaise event. We had joined the event initiated by International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE).

Here are some responses from the participants.

"Walking every day is regular.But due to this campaign ,it was with some extra happiness and enthusiasm.Great feeling of doing something special.Thanks."
Sunanda Parkar

This was so much fun, daily I tried my best to walk. I didn’t mind running errands for the family, which I normally avoid. Also I ensured I carried my phone even if I walked ten steps, so that they be counted!!
Dr Anjali Gokarn

I don't like walking alone and this event made me feel like it's a group activity. It motivated me a lot.
Preeti Shanbhag Dalvi

As a routine 6-9 am is a regular workout time. But after joining the group, daily walking half an hour more,”for a cause.” As I m walking in the evening too. Yes.I agree, participating in 50 Million Steps is just feeling of doing something special
Uday Thakurdesai